Pre-Wedding Jitters

I begin my new position in two weeks. I’ve already met with my supervisor, got a better idea of where to start, have no place to set up because the office where I’m supposed to be working is overloaded with curriculum materials that have been allowed to pile up, extra furniture, etc. and there is no room for a desk, bookcase, or anything else. I have to wait for my supervisor to get someone to clear out the room, and make a place for me. This is very difficult for me, I like to be organized before I start something, and I will be starting without this. I guess new experiences are good for us and help us to grow. Maybe it’s a part of helping me to see that this position comes with a lot of unknowns and I will need to be very flexible. I think I can be, only time will tell.

I’m finding myself thinking about the position I gave up. I would have been teaching in a New Tech Network school, teaching Math II and Pre-Calculus, my two favorites, and learning about integrating technology into my teaching at a higher level. Did I make a mistake? I have some misgivings, but not extreme, I think most of it is just the pre-wedding jitters of not really knowing how my new position will go, being on the edge because of not being able to organize, and knowing what being in the classroom is like, as opposed to be working with teachers in their classrooms. I love working with teachers, and enjoy planning and encouraging others to be the best they can be. I know I can be good at this job, I’m just nervous about starting something new.

After attending TMC this summer, and reading the blogs of everyone who is doing their planning for their classes, I think I’m jealous. I was planning some things for my classes this year before I went to OK, and I was getting excited about learning to use the smartboard, and having students all have devices to work with, being able to really incorporate geogebra and desmos and all the other neat tools of technology and learning along with my students. I’m finally beginning to make a switch in my brain to see the teachers as my students, and that I can be learning along with them, it just seems so different than having my own classroom. I still need to work on that part of my learning experience, and find that place that feels like mine here.

Maybe once I get started and settled all this will seem negligible, but right now it feels so big and I’m a little nervous about it all. I guess I need to get back to work and get busy, having too much time on my hands to think, and no planning to do at the moment is making me a bit crazy.

I’m excited for all of you and your new year. Seeing all your plans for your teaching and your student’s learning is making me excited. I wish you all the best, and can’t wait to see how things work out. I’ll be reading your blogs and watching on twitter to live through this with you. I’m sure that you will all help me learn also, as I learn from you what works and doesn’t, and how you could use support or help with your classrooms.

Thank you.


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