July Challenge – New Focus

I notified my principal and school district today that I would accept the Academic Specialist position. I spoke at length with the assistant superintendent about the position, my transfer to another HS before this came up, the job and responsibilities, the interview, other colleagues who will be working with me, and many other things. After speaking with her, and a night of reflection and prayer, I really feel that this is the right position for me. As soon as I made my decision, I felt much more peaceful than I have felt since school let out. 

I really was excited about teaching at American Canyon HS, yet, I guess deep down I have been feeling that academic coaching and support is really a strength of mine. One of my colleagues of the past five years agreed. She felt that I needed to be in this position, and challenged me to really think about what I have been doing the past 11 years and how my work at the school site has helped many other teachers, as well as teachers at other school sites. 

Last night my husband and I were talking, and I could feel my excitement and strength returning as I began to talk about this position, ideas I have for beginning, and the possibilities that I see arising. He told me it was good to see me smiling again. I realized that while I was looking forward to the challenges that ACHS was bringing my way, I really do want to work with teachers and curriculum and build strong programs vertically. I believe that I am in the right place. 

My first greatest challenge is becoming familiar with the elementary level math program and teachers. I will be working with teachers at all levels, and have already been working with a lot of our middle and high school teachers, so they are familiar with me, and I have been teaching at the high school level so I am much more familiar with these programs and goals. As of today, I change gears from planning for Math II and Pre-Calculus, to supporting teachers, curriculum and learning. 

I have already been scheduled for my first meeting with the superintendent, assistant superintendent, and other academic specialists for the first week of school. I’m excited to begin and see what I can develop over the next school year. 


4 thoughts on “July Challenge – New Focus

  1. Shelley says:

    Congratulations on the new job Teresa! BTW, I’m pretty sure you were my instructor with the Reading Apprenticeship program about 4 years back (just looked this up). How exciting to run into you in the blogosphere. What a small world!

  2. Teresa Ryan says:

    That is exciting! I’m always amazed at how small the world really is. Thank you for the kind thoughts. I hope you found the RA program useful.

  3. Wendy Menard says:

    Wow, congratulations!! It sounds like an exciting and challenging opportunity for you, and a big plus for all the teachers you will support. How wonderful – enjoy!

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