July Challenge – Making Progress

I’m grateful for this challenge and the bloggers I am meeting because of it. Reading the other posts has helped me so much, and I’m beginning to feel more motivated and energetic as I am moving through the month. 

I was offered the position for the district level Math Academic Specialist, and asked for 24 hours to think on it and reflect. I talked it over with my husband and a friend, and will be making my final call in the morning. I feel much better having been offered the position, and the discussions I had have also helped. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me, and I am feeling more like myself. I really have been affected emotionally by the drama of the last school year and the interview processes I have been involved in the past month. Ideas are beginning to flow, I am starting to take a look around me and think about things that need to get done, and how to accomplish them. 

I really appreciated Shelli’s blog today and Shelley’s blog. No, that’s not a mistake. I’m also realizing that Shelli titled her blog “Productive Day” and I’m now beginning to feel productive myself. I haven’t been physically productive, yet, but I now know where to begin, and that’s half the battle. I also appreciated Justin’s note on my post from yesterday. I am so grateful for the MTBOS and the encouragement and energy I receive from them. I am so looking forward to meeting so many of them next week, and especially getting productive and focused. I have so much to learn and do, and am getting excited about it. 

I will write more tomorrow about my decision and what my next steps will be. I am allowing myself to sleep on it tonight to be sure I have made the right decision, and to notify the appropriate people before becoming public with it. 

Lastly, I appreciate all of you who have hung with me through the blog posts and continued to read and the comments and support I have received. You really have helped me to get through this difficult time, and I look forward to becoming more productive again. 


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