July Challenge – Vacation and TMC

Sunday morning my husband and I will be leaving for Oklahoma. My sister and her husband live there, and this year I am attending TMC, TwitterMathCamp, for the first time. This has been my first year on twitter and after meeting quite a few very creative and innovative educators, I decided that this would be a great way to spend a few days in the summer. I am excited about meeting so many of the teachers I have been interacting with and learning so much from. I am also excited about seeing my sister and her husband again, this time at their home, to which I have never been. 

I’m also looking forward to getting back on my feet after having a difficult year and finding myself all but frozen this summer. A couple of times I have attempted to start some lesson planning, looked at a couple of things, then lost interest. This is not like me, and I’m hoping that TMC will help me get back on my feet. 

I had one last interview this morning. I was a little anxious going to it. I have heard several times that I did a great job interviewing, then not been offered the job. I really don’t want to hear one more time that I have been “edged out” of something. One of the interviewers this morning was the superintendent that I worked with last year, which made me feel better. I did some good work last year for the district, preparing math teachers at the middle and high schools for the change to CCSS this year and changing to the Integrated Math pathway. Two other teachers and I wrote lessons, assessments, and activities to help teachers introduce geometry to algebra students and see what integrated math would look like at that level. The teachers I spoke with afterward said that the work we did was so helpful, and reduced their anxiety quite a bit. They feel better about moving to integrated mathematics this year because of the work we did. Another teacher and I were also able to come up with some resources, one of them being Mathematics Vision Project, so that they had something to work with until we could pilot some materials and get an idea of what we feel will work best for our district. We also previewed quite a few materials and narrowed down the amount of material the other teachers needed to look at and make decisions about. It took quite a bit of time, but I do believe it was worth it in so many ways. I’m just finding myself concerned that my work and skills won’t be recognized, and on the other had, concerned that they will want me for this position and I will have to explain to the principal at the school I just transferred to why I won’t be teaching there. Either option feels very uncomfortable at the moment. 

I guess it won’t hurt me to take this time off. The courses I am scheduled to teach are familiar to me, I haven’t taught Pre-Calculus in a while, and will definitely need to do some work planning for inquiry and modeling, but I know I can do it. There’s also a lot of people and resources available to help me get my ideas flowing, I’m just so used to having a lot of it done by now. 



2 thoughts on “July Challenge – Vacation and TMC

  1. Looking forward to seeing you at TMC, Teresa! I’m sure that hanging out with everyone will rev your engines. Safe travels!

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