July Challenge – EdCampHome 3.0

I participated in the Edcamphome 3.0 google+ hangout ed camp this evening. This is the first ed camp I have ever attended and it was a great experience. I was a little frustrated for the first session, I received my invitation, replied to it, and ended up in a hangout by myself. I tried several times to re-enter the hangout and couldn’t get in. I ended up watching the discussion on the web page instead. The second session went much better and I was able to join a discussion about flipping the class. This is something I want to try this year, but after listening in to the discussion it sounds like it will take a lot of effort. I think I’m going to have to modify my choice to do this and do something more realistic, at least for this year. 

We have an echo program which is similar to edmodo, where we can post discussions, put links and documents for students and have them turn in work. I am going to play with this and work on utilizing it to decrease paper and make turning in work much more organized for students. I am hoping to put links to videos that are already created rather than attempt to create my own videos this year, and utilize other resources for students to research topics and come to class prepared. My hope is to have them come to class with some knowledge, then work together in class to apply the knowledge, solve problems or dig in deeper on topics with questions they have or I have prepared in advance. I am hoping this will be a good precursor for all of us to a flipped class and still utilize the class time much more effectively for problem-solving and collaborative learning. I have never been a big lecturer, but I know that there is more I can do to enhance an inquiry and student-focused learning environment than I have and am hoping to expand that much more this year. My students are all to bring devices, which is the one thing that has hampered my ability to do this in the past, lack of technology in student hands. 

I did get a couple of resources this evening to look at and hopefully this will help me to plan and work out how I might do this. I’ve already decided that the books will stay home, and we will utilize other resources in the classroom, just what and how I haven’t completely worked out yet. I’ll definitely add more here as I figure it out or make decisions on what I am going to try. 

Any suggestions or ideas that you are willing to share, things that you have tried and have worked or not would be most gratefully accepted. I’m not too proud to beg, borrow or steal. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


2 thoughts on “July Challenge – EdCampHome 3.0

  1. Robin says:

    I tried flipping the year before last and really liked it. Instead of recording a whole lesson, what I did was record the note-taking section of the lesson. Then I would check their notebooks to make sure they did their homework. It helped save time in class so we could get more work done and it gave the students a preview of what we were going to be working on the next day.

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