July Challenge – Time for Refreshing

Shelli was saying it is hard to blog each day, and I am finding that to be true also. I usually spend my summers working on planning, lesson writing, researching, reading, and generally going at my usual 90 miles an hour. This summer, I just don’t seem to want to do much of anything. I think about some things I need to do or look into, begin to do some work, then just leave it alone. I’ve started reading a couple of books, get about half way through them, then lose interest. I’m not pushing myself too hard right now, because I know I’m tired and I do have time to get things done. The real planning for me is how to incorporate technology next year. I’ve taught the classes I’m teaching before, so that part isn’t new. 

I’m going to TMC14 this year, and if nothing else I know that will encourage and engage me. This was my first year on twitter and blogging, and I think that trying to keep up with it all and do all the things I usually do in a year, along with working at the district level with our curriculum superintendent really wore me out. I feel like a broken record, but I tend to need to hear things a few times before I really believe them. (Hard headed you say?) 

I had a rough year in several ways and though I don’t want to admit it, it wore me down. I guess I think that admitting that makes me weak, and frankly, I do feel that way at the moment. I was very emotional this year, having lost my mother last year and experiencing some inter-personal difficulties on my job site, and while I usually view myself as strong and capable, I really didn’t feel that way this year. There are just too many things that put me “off-balance”. I’m definitely ready for a new start next year. I think I just need to focus on that for now. 


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