July Challenge – Standards Based Grading

I just participated in the Global Math Department’s presentation by Jessica Bogie and Matt Owen on standards based grading. They had some pretty good ideas and resources for this, and examples from their classrooms on how they use the grading and the resources. It was very informative and helpful. I would definitely look at both of their websites for more information, I have been through Jessica’s site and it is very useful and helpful. She is also a font pro. 😀 

I will be using the echo network which is a part of the New Tech Network grading system. It definitely does a better job of allowing standards based grading with topics, I still need to play with it during the summer to get a feel for how to enter things and to score. One of the side discussions was about grading homework, and I truly do not want to grade homework this year. The grading system I used previously did not allow me to put anything in the grade book that was not going to be graded. I want a way to “check off” homework, so there is a record when students are doing it, especially for re-testing or referring to later when questions arise, but do not want it to be a portion of the grade. I really hope that Echo allows this. 

Jessica also has some forms she uses to help her and students keep track of where they are on standards and topics and has incorporated the ISN (Interactive Notebook) pages into this to help students organize and find information. I really like these ideas and for Math II next year may once again try some sort of organization like this. My students are to have a device with them, and I’m sure that some of them will want to take notes here, so I’m thinking that a composition notebook for homework and organization may be an idea for this. I’ll have to come up with an idea and be willing to be flexible as the year starts and I see how it all works. I know that I can put all my assignments into Echo for students and not have to give any handouts or anything, so I’ll be playing with this the next couple of weeks to decide how to use it. 

There is a chat on Wednesdays, at 6pm PST, #sblchat, for ideas on standards based grading and other associated topics. This is not a math only chat, but I hear it is very useful. Some great and helpful ideas to begin with this evening. 


2 thoughts on “July Challenge – Standards Based Grading

  1. Andrew Busch says:

    I’m thinking about your grading predicament–trying to document homework but not have it affect the overall grade. I wonder if a way around this would be to make homework a category in the grading system and then assign the category either a 0% (if the grading system allows it) or a 1% (which, in reality, wouldn’t affect students grades much at all).

  2. Teresa RyanT says:

    I like this idea. I’ll look closer at the gradebook and see if this a possibility. That way they could see that it was being looked at and recorded

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