July Blogging Challenge and Start/Stop/Continue

Well, here we are, the 1st of July. Our last day of school was June 6, but it seems like I really haven’t stopped since then. I was at a Transformational Geometry workshop one week through the UC Berkeley Math Project. Henri Picciotto presented for three days, and it was wonderful. The last two days we looked at using transformations in higher level classes and saw some inspiring Pre-Calculus applications along with other math subject areas. I attended PBL World in Napa for one day and heard some great stuff from Paul Curtis and Kentaro Iwasaki about Critical Thinking and PBL in Mathematics.

I still am unsure about what I will be doing next year. I have just completed another interview and have one more to go before I can say that I have done all that I am supposed to do about finding my path and waiting to hear. I know if nothing else comes through that I will be teaching Math II and Pre-Calculus at American Canyon High School, a New Tech Network high school, which is exciting in itself. I have applied for some other opportunities in coaching and developing, planning and implementing PD within our district so there is still much up in the air.

With that in mind, I will work on my Start/Stop/Continue topics knowing what I know at the moment and reflecting on last year’s teaching assignment.

3 things to Start:

  • Because American Canyon is a New Tech school, I need to work on implementing more of my assignments and topics utilizing technology, I need to work on how to assign, and monitor work on-line, utilizing the echo program. I also need to become familiar with a Promethean board, and plan to go to the school site to work on this.
  • I want to work on writing more activities and lessons myself. I started doing this toward the end of last year and really liked the way they went. I have utilized other’s lessons also, and appreciate the work that is out there, and am inspired to attempt to create some good things myself.
  • Desmos and Geogebra as regular programs  for research, inquiry, and modeling of mathematical ideas. I’ve begun interacting in the Geogebra chat and am hoping to work with others in learning to do some coding with the Desmos API app.

3 things to Stop:

  • I need to stop being so strict about what and how students do their learning. I want to plan my units as more open, knowing what topics need to be covered and allowing students to have more say in how we cover or learn those topics.
  • Utilizing only tests and quizzes to do most of my assessing. I want to do more activities and search out other ideas for assessing student knowledge and assigning proficiency and understanding.
  • Assigning HW problems on a regular basis. I want to work on more of a “flipped classroom” idea, where students are researching or gathering some information on their time, and we are working together in class on problem solving. Haven’t quite figured this one out yet.

3 things to Continue:

  • One thing I do quite a bit of in class is insist upon discourse. This is a very important part of learning and I want to continue this, along with finding new ways to encourage students to engage in important problem-solving discussions.
  • Greeting students daily at the door and making sure to interact with each student every day, even if just to say hi or let them know I notice them. It helps students to see that I care, and that I’m interested in their success.
  • Blogging consistently. This year was my first year of blogging, and I really like the reflective practice and being able to share my practice with others. I’ve appreciated the comments and ideas shared with me, and hope to be even more consistent this year in my blogging practice.

Thank you for the challenge, and I will work hard at keeping up.


2 thoughts on “July Blogging Challenge and Start/Stop/Continue

  1. druinok says:

    So glad that you are joining in! I look forward to reading your posts this month!

  2. Mr-Butler says:

    Inspired. I’m in. Thanks for passing this on.

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