Tessellations and Love of Geometry

I had my geometry students work on a tessellation project while I was in New Orleans at NCTM. A colleague had done this with her students a year or two ago and said they really enjoyed it. I thought it would be good for them while I was gone, it would give them time to research and maybe really put some effort into it. I had them research about tessellations and art for extra credit on this, for the tessellation itself they had to create stencils to create the tessellation and then color it. I thought they would enjoy this, and I hoped to get some decent results. I had no idea. They loved this! I had some wonderful research and many of them included me in the section about contributions saying, “Mrs. Ryan has contributed to my understanding of tessellations and improving my understanding and appreciation of geometry.” I really loved hearing this.

I asked them to use two different shapes to tessellate and create their design. Most did this, some used three or more, and some created some pretty spectacular designs from one stencil. I have a very creative and talented group of students, some I would have never known. They don’t do much in the class, but for this they pulled out all the stops. The assignment I gave them is here. The grading sheet I used is here. And I will stop talking now and just let you see for yourselves what they created.



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