NCTM, Learning, and Me

I attended the NCTM annual conference in New Orleans last week. It was different for me this time than I have experienced in the past. I was sent there by my superintendent to talk with textbook venders and others to get more information about text books for next year. The first thing I did upon arrival was to attend an ignite talk with several of the MTBoS. It was wonderful and my first experience at meeting several of them face to face. I met Sadie, Justin, Max and Ilana there. I saw several others but it was a little busy and I figured I’d have time to meet them. I was glad to have made the effort to get to the talk.  I did meet several others, Jen, David, his wife Katherine, Christopher, Ashli, Kate, Fawn, Dan, Peg, Casey, throughout the conference, wow, I think there were a few others too which I’ll add as I remember.

Usually I spend a lot of time in sessions, and feel that brain tired when I’m done. This time I had to spend a lot of time in the exhibit hall, and really enjoyed myself talking with Annie and my colleague Danielle. We talked about teaching, curriculum, learning, and how important good books were, especially for teachers who may not be comfortable with teaching without a text. I learned quite a bit from these discussions and from a leadership workshop that Danielle and I attended on Friday. I wasn’t as tired, and didn’t get to as many sessions as I would have liked, but I still feel like I accomplished quite a bit. On the travel home and on Sunday I found myself in another conversation with several of these people, talking about speaking at the conference next year in Boston. Proposals have to be in by May 1, and they were all talking about what they were going to write and submit and getting them in. I felt encouraged and have submitted one of my own. This is the first time I have submitted a proposal to speak at a regional or national conference and I am feeling a bit nervous but excited. Even if my proposal is not accepted, I am glad that I did submit one, and I will continue to do so. I think it would be good for me to share myself and my passions with other teachers, I really enjoy learning from them and I would love to give something back to others. I may submit one to the NCSM conference also, if nothing else just to get the experience of submitting and getting better at determining what will be accepted.

Thanks everyone who attended and NCTM for a wonderful conference. Looking forward now to finishing the school year, meeting Matt and John on May 3, and traveling to Oklahoma in July for Twitter Math Camp. What a year!!


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