Musing, and a Little Whining

I’ve been home sick for three days with a sinus infection that has caused me severe facial and head pain. Trying to monitor students from home is very difficult, as I’m sure you know. I have been trying to continue to provide good lessons for my students, even though I can’t be there, but I’m wondering how they are really doing with them and whether or not the sub knows what is going on or is giving them all the answers. I’ve actually had this problem in the past.  Today I decided to let them watch a movie because I really don’t know how they’re doing with the work and I don’t want to keep piling it on if they are lost.

I really hate when I can’t be there to interact with my students. I know they don’t always believe this, but I really do care about how they learn and understand things. I read this post about telling students we miss them when they aren’t there. I often wonder if my students feel the same way when I’m not there.

The one thing that has helped is having my twitter PLN. I have been able to interact with other educators and feel at least a little like I am part of what is happening in the world of learning. I recognized last night in a conversation I was having that I was definitely whining, and probably needed to get some rest, but for the most part it has been wonderful to at least know there is a place I can go to feel a part of. For a long time I didn’t really have a place like that, I’ve been quite a loner for a long time.

It’s so much better to work together. Not only does it create a sense of belonging, but I truly believe that as we work and create together we create a better product. I believe it enough that I tell my students this and require them to work together to learn. Even they say the learning is better together, no matter how much pulling of teeth I have to do to get them to work together. Although there are days that I really feel like I’d just like to not have to go back, for the most part I really miss my students and the learning environment when I can’t be there. And even if my students don’t tell me, I know they really do miss me when I’m not there. At least I can believe that, right?


4 thoughts on “Musing, and a Little Whining

  1. I find my students show the exact opposite of what I had expected from them.

    I remember being in school and loving substitute teacher days. We got to watch movies or just chat or do anything except work. It was great!

    But since our students have done that every day of their lives with no expectations put on them, I’ve actually had my students yell at me (one incident prompted Headmaster to show up wondering if they were disrespecting me as he heard them outside the room) telling me not to ever disappear again. Apparently, I had left them work to do, but the sub refused to let them work, instead wanting to sing to them and/or tell them stories, and the sub would yell at anyone not paying attention or participating.

    This happened three times with two different subs. My assumption is that if you’re engaging the kids and motivating them to challenge themselves, even though they hate work (I mean, c’mon, we ALL hate work), what they like more than just “doing whatever” is someone more successful than them acknowledging them. You see it all the time–students are more wanting to discuss issues with people they feel are intelligent, they’re always looking for approval from them, etc.

    Or at least that’s all I ever see!

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