More Geometric Reflections

Today we worked on reflecting outside the coordinate plane. We used an activity from the Navigations Series from NCTM. This proved to be more difficult for the students. They were struggling with the idea of reflecting perpendicularly over a line and seeing how this would work. After the reflection had been created they could see the result and state that it did occur perpendicularly, but before reflecting that was not coming to mind as a tool to reflect. We will practice this some more tomorrow, both in and out of the coordinate plane. The Miras are a great tool. It allows them to feel successful at reflecting and seeing how the reflection occurs.

Students were off task and disruptive today also. Probably because it was Monday, but I found myself struggling to be patient with them. I sat down at a desk in the class until they were ready to listen. This always throws them off a little and usually works pretty quickly. I think the step up in difficulty in the task today set them off a little too. Hopefully tomorrow will go well. IMG_0106


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