Reflections and Inquiry

Today I had my Algebra students do a small inquiry into the definition for reflections. They took a triangle, and reflected it over the x-axis, y-axis,  and origin using a Mira. After reflecting the triangle, I asked them, “What do you notice?” Their observations are recorded on the white board.  They even came up with the change in the x and y coordinates for the reflections, although until I told them to write the coordinates for the reflection over the origin, that one alluded them.  They then used their observations to create a definition for reflections.

On Monday, we will do some reflections and observations with figures not in the coordinate plane.  Many of these students are telling me that geometry is so much easier than algebra. It really is nice to see them enjoying something mathematical, they are in this class because they have been continually failing math classes.

I am excited at how they are verbalizing their understanding of how figures reflect. I can’t wait to see how they do on Monday.

Ss Working Observations Reflections


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