New Attitude

I was on a role for a bit, blogging once a week which was working really well for me. I was having computer issues, which created a huge frustration for me, and got behind. I’ve acquired a new computer, a Macbook Pro, and I am so happy with it. It’s a bit of a learning curve, I’ve always been a PC user, but I’m enjoying the challenge. That, and a new iPhone, and I’m finding myself working hard at trying to keep up tech-wise.

I attended the Global Math Department on Jan. 28 when Sophie Germain (twitter name) was sharing about racism and hard discussions. It really started me thinking about what I am doing in my classes, what awareness I have and don’t have, and how I think about my students. Fortunately, it’s not all bad, but I do have some improvements to make. Her challenge this month really got me. She is taking selfies every day this month and posting them and has challenged us to look at ourselves differently, to believe we are beautiful.

In response, I have done a couple of things. First of all, I have changed my profile pictures on both my blog and twitter to include pictures of myself. This was hard, I hate pictures of me, and suffer from some self-esteem issues, so this is pretty big for me. It’s so much easier to hide in the background and stay somewhat anonymous. I even posted a “selfie” on twitter this morning.

I’m going to continue to work on focusing on what I know to be good about myself, and give myself permission to improve what needs improving. In a discussion regarding student behavior on twitter, I made a comment to Justin Aion that I believed that his students are difficult and may be testing him to see if he will continue to return day after day to continue to teach and be a presence to them. I realized after making this comment that the same thing applied to me, so, I’m really going to try to be more aware of my students and myself in the time span that we have together, and believe that all of us can improve who we are, and how we think about ourselves and each other.


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