Breaking the Mold

 Although I was not named here, I am accepting the challenge put out by Justin Aion.  I have been reading his blog for  approximately two months now, and have found myself questioning and reflecting upon my practice as I follow his progress this year in his classroom. I call this piece “Breaking the Mold” because it is out of the ordinary for me to put myself out publicly, and by starting this blog I have done that, but in responding to this challenge I am really doing that.  I have also been challenged by Stephanie Ried, and I will add her answers below this.  I am finding myself really enjoying learning from so many quality teachers and hope to become one that can offer some wisdom soon, as I become more comfortable really sharing.
11 Random Facts about me:
1.  I am “Nonnie” to 5 wonderful children and have a 6th on the way.
2.  I love the fact that it surprises people that I have 5 grandchildren.
3.  I am a Christian, and lead worship at my church.
4.  I was a registered nurse before returning to school to earn a BS in Math and M.Ed.
5.  I love to read just about anything.
6.  I competed in gymnastics as a teenager and was a cheerleader in middle and high school.
7.  I have been singing in programs and church since I was 5.
8.  I have overcome many challenges in my life, and feel they have made me very strong and persistent.
9.  I really love teenagers.
10.  I get angry when I see people being mean or rude.
11.  I love opera.
My 11 Questions from Justin:
1.  Why did you pick your current content area?
      My father suggested it when I announced I was going back to school.  He said math was always my best subject.
2.  If you could pick any other content area, what would you pick and why?.
      Probably music or singing. They mean a lot to me.
3.  What is one thing that you would like to become expert in doing?
      Architecture. I love to design.
4.  If you won $100,000,000, what would you spend it on?
      Paying off bills, then caring for others.
5.  If you could have one piece of tech that doesn’t currently exist, what would it be and why?
      Not really sure, I’m still working on learning to use the tech that is available.
6.  What is you favorite lesson that you have taught/seen?
      Doing Einstein’s puzzle with Algebra students. It makes them feel soooo smart. 😀
7.  If you could  fight one historical figure, who would you fight?
      Hitler.  I absolutely hate the power he had over people and the hate he was able to create in others. 
8.  What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? (2 things only)
      Earn a PhD in Mathematics, build a recovery ranch. 
9.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
      Salad with lots of fruit and veges. It’s the only thing I can’t see myself getting tired of.
10.  What makes your favorite book your favorite?
         “Five Smooth Stones”.  I love the history, struggle, and challenges that were lived in it.
11.  If you could change one physical characteristic about yourself, what would it be?
        My weight.
My 11 Questions from Stephanie:
1.  If you could teach in a different subject area, what would it be?
      Music or singing.
2.  Public education or private education?
      Both have advantages and disadvantages.  Public b/c it offers education for all; private b/c it allows freedom of teaching within       a belief system.
3.  If you had to make a New Year’s resolution for your classroom, what would it be?
      Improving the atmosphere of collaboration and learning for all.
4.  Share someone/something that allowed you to view yourself differently.
      My first high school math teacher. He made me believe in myself as an intelligent human being.
5.  Funniest slip up you’ve ever made in front of your students?
      Not really sure.  I’ve had so many. . . . . .
6.  Eat out or eat in?
     Both. I love family meals, and also a meal out.
7.  Favorite blog you’ve been reading and why.
      I have two.  Justin Aion, because he is so real and transparent.  Michael Pershan, because he asks such great questions.
8.  What’s the best professional development experience you’ve had an what made it so great?
      Reading Apprenticeship. It challenged me as a new teacher to really think about what I wanted to happen in my  classroom,
      and then gave me the opportunity to become a PD provider myself, teaching others what I had learned experimenting in my
9.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
      Creating curriculum, providing PD to teachers and coaching and encouraging teachers to be the best they can be.
10.  What song best describes you, as a teacher?
         “Hit me with Your Best Shot”
11.  Favorite book of all time.
        “Five Smooth Stones”.
My 11 Questions:
1.  What motivates you?
2.  What would be your  all-time favorite job, no limits?
3.  What is your favorite movie?
4.  What is your favorite book?
5.  What is your favorite way to spend your free time?
6.  Who do you admire?
7.  What is your dream lesson?
8.  Movie or Play?
9.  What type(s) of music do you enjoy?
10.  Athlete, intellectual, both, or neither?
11.  Sweet or Sour?
I’m not naming anyone, but would love to hear from anyone who is interested in sharing with me.
Sorry it’s so long.  Thank you Justin and Stephanie for challenging me to step outside my box.
I wish a blessed 2014 to all.

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