Reflections on Learning

I’ve had a couple of good days teaching last week, today was a little tough, but I have to remember that my students really don’t like getting up in the morning. 😛 We looked at some more graphs today, a linear graph and parabola, but I only gave them the positive portion of the parabola. A couple of students made some great conjectures about the graph and how it would continue, and once again we were able to get the equations for the graphs. The students are saying that looking at graphing this way, instead of having to graph equations in the plane is helping them to understand how the graphs work much better.

Tomorrow I had planned to use the activity I stole (?), took from Andrew Busch, Gender Gap,  however, I have to miss class tomorrow. I was really looking forward to it too, because I just received the copy of the final for Algebra I from the PLC, and it includes quite a bit of graphing and interpreting graphs. YEAH!!  I think my students may do very well on this.

On the other hand, we are experiencing a crisis at home. Our dog has become very ill and we are going to have to put him down tomorrow. This is especially distressful for us because in the past year and a half we have lost a dog, my mother, and now our second dog. Along with a difficult year at school this year, I’m really beginning to feel the strain.

Next week we give final exams, then have three weeks off for Christmas break. It is a welcome break, and I am hoping to find some time during it to refresh, regroup, and come back strong for the second semester. I will be starting geometry with my Algebra students, and am hoping to refocus my Geometry classes and make them more interesting and successful next semester.


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