Another Winner

Yummymath has been very helpful to me the past couple of weeks.  My students and I explored the Lego Fireman and before starting the activity I showed the video and asked for questions and wonders. We created a list, and as we went through the activity, went back and answered the questions we could. After finishing the activity, my students still had questions, so today in class we wrote an e-mail to the Lego Company and asked the questions that were remaining. During the process of writing, many more questions arose and we finished our letter with 17 questions!

1) How many people worked on it?

2) Who are the Master Builders?

3) When was it built?

4) What was the purpose for building a fireman?

5) Is there a model in every “Toys R Us” store?

6) Does each store have their own Master Builder?

7) What dates was this figure actually built?

8) How was it shipped and how long did it take to ship?

9) Which store is the figure in?

10) Which part is built first?

11) What is the age range of the Master Builders?

12) Is there a special type of glue that is used?

13) What is the largest model that has been built, and where is it?

14) Have any international landmarks been modeled with legos?

15) How much does a Master Builder make?

16) Does the building occur in one main place?

17) What are the requirements to be a Master Builder?

They are very excited about contacting the company and are anxiously awaiting the answers to their questions.  I believe a couple of them may be considering becoming a “Master Builder” themselves. I am surprised and pleased that they have found something that interested them enough to want to seek out more information.  They were very disappointed when we had to make some guestimates in figuring out how long it took for the fireman to be built, we weren’t entirely sure how many builders worked on the figure.

Two days in a row of good class work.

After writing the letter we worked on Sudoku puzzles. They were a little slow getting started, but when we worked on solving a couple of the spots together, they became willing to work at it.  I think a couple of young people have found a new activity to fill their “boring” hours.


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