My First Try at Blogging

So, I’ve been utilizing Twitter for approximately 6 months now, have been following some educators that I’m starting to feel like I’m getting to know, and have been introduced to some wonderful information and helps. I ended up here today, after reading another blog and found myself signing up for a blog site (still not quite sure how that happened), but I guess that means it may be time to start blogging.

I feel a little overwhelmed, after starting to collect some of the wonderful blogs and ideas I have come across on “The Old Reader”, thanks MTBoS, and realize how much I want to read and learn from and am wondering where I will find the time to do so. I am also working with our district to help math teachers determine which pathway we will be following for CCSS (we chose Integrated) and now have been tasked with helping to create course descriptions, get a-g approval for UC, and find resources and materials to help teachers make the change.  Oh yeah, I teach too, algebra I and geometry this year, and we have been working diligently on focusing the geometry course on transformational topics and because the algebra students are repeating the course, I’ve been trying to incorporate financial topics into the course, thanks Brian Page.

I’m finding myself at a loss here again, I wanted to link the pages I have reference above, and don’t know how, so. . . . when I learn, I will link your pages.

Thanks to everyone who has inspired and helped me this far, I hope to continue to grow and learn as an educator and become a more inspired teacher along the way.


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